Professional Teeth Bleaching

If you are looking to have a whiter smile or address stains and discolorations, our professional teeth whitening and bleaching treatments offer a reliable solution for achieving a whiter and more confident smile. We offer a variety of different treatments that are safe, conservative and tailored to each individual smile.

Fun Fact: teeth whitening and bleaching are technically different. Whitening refers to superficial cleaning of the outer surface of stains. Abrasive toothpastes can be considered whitening as they remove outer stains. Bleaching is a much deeper process and works by chemicals permeating into the tooth improving the color both internally and externally.

Modern cosmetic dental techniques for bleaching are safe and effective. Although bleaching can result in tooth sensitivity, this is reversible and we have techniques and recommendations to help reduce or eliminate your chances of developing tooth sensitivity during your bleaching treatments.

Professional tooth whiteningOur Advanced Whitening Services

1. Take Home Custom Bleaching Trays with NGVB:

Experience the convenience and precision of at-home teeth whitening with custom bleaching trays using the oldest, most proven and reliable technique: Nightguard Vital Bleaching (NGVB). Take control of the whitening process at your own pace with our guidance to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

2. In-Office Bleaching with Philips Zoom! Treatments:

Achieve immediate and noticeable results with our in-office bleaching using Philips Zoom! treatments. Zoom! Has a proven track record of delivering great results and remains the most popular in-office treatment among dentists.

3. Bleaching of Root Canal Treated Teeth:

Sometimes a root canal treated tooth (especially in the front) may begin to discolor over time. There are safe and effective techniques to bleach root canal treated teeth to match the adjacent natural teeth..

4. White Spot Removal:

Anterior white spot lesions are very common and usually only involve the outer enamel. These spots can be caused by demineralization, fluorosis, or various developmental disturbances in the tooth. White spot removal or coloring can often be done with noninvasive approaches to deliver stunning after results. This can be accomplished with bleaching, microabrasion, color or resin infiltration or a combination of techniques.

Trust in Our Dentist's Expertise

Dr. Oxley possesses a keen eye for esthetics and is dedicated to offering you the most effective teeth whitening solutions. Your individual preferences are carefully considered to ensure a personalized approach to achieving your desired results.