Comprehensive Dental Exam

Comprehensive Dental ExamAt Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry, we promise to prioritize your oral health and intently listen to your concerns to better ensure your needs are met. Under most circumstances, this process beings with a complete exam. Our comprehensive dental exams are designed to provide you with a thorough and personalized assessment of your current dental health. After you have a comprehensive understanding of your current oral health needs, our professionals will present solutions and possible outcomes for your consideration. We will work as a team to determine your priorities and answer any questions.

What to Expect:

  1. Dental history and chief complaint: If you are coming to us as a new patient, we would like to first get to know you! We will typically review any pertinent past dental experiences or treatments and discuss any specific concerns or questions you have about your oral health.
  2. Radiographic Exam: We utilize the latest digital radiographs which allow us to capture faster, high-quality images with minimal exposure. Our office also has a Panoramic and advanced CBCT or 3-d imaging.
  3. Diagnostic Photos: Our use of DSLR photography enables us to capture precise and detailed images of your teeth and smile. These photos help us get a “big picture” view of your smile and give you a visual of issues we are reviewing.
  4. Periodontal (Gum and Bone) Examination: We assess for any signs of periodontal disease or other conditions that may affect your oral health.
  5. Dental Exam for Cavities, Cracks, and Damage
  6. TMJ and Bite exam: The masticatory system (TMJ, muscles involved in eating and teeth) is a wonderful and complex structure and it is important to ensure this system is functioning properly.
  7. Oral Cancer Screenings: With oral cancer, early detection is crucial, and these screenings are performed during initial and routine periodic visits.
  8. Review of findings: You will have a personalized discussion with Dr. Oxley and our team about any findings from your exam. You can see any of the photos or x-rays and ask any questions.

At Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry, we want you to have optimum oral health, and a comprehensive exam plays a vital role in understanding the health of your smile. Schedule your appointment today and let us join you on a journey to a healthy and confident smile.
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