Clear Braces/Orthodontics


ClearCorrect can give you the smile you wantTraditional braces can affect your confidence, self-esteem, and lifestyle. You might be less likely to smile and frustrated that you can’t eat some of the foods you love. But with ClearCorrect clear aligners, you can live life normally while your teeth improve in the background. These aligners are comfortable and almost invisible. With no unsightly wires or brackets, most people won’t even realize you are wearing aligners at all. What’s more, there are no dietary restrictions or brushing and flossing obstructions, making ClearCorrect aligners an ideal choice.

If you are interested in Clear Correct, we must first complete a full exam on you and see if you are a good candidate for clear aligner orthodontic treatment. We can then take the necessary records and develop a diagnostic proposal on what the final results could look like. We invite our clients back to review initial photos and models and then get a good look at what the final outcome can be. That way you get a good understanding of what the final outcome will be, get to have your questions answered, and receive at home care instructions. The next step then is to order your trays and start treatment!