What Exactly Is the 3Shape TRIOS Scanner System?

3Shape TRIOS scanner system

Using Technology To Give You the Best Possible Dental Care

Advanced dental technology can transform your experience at the dentist, helping you know what to expect from your treatment, helping you stay more involved throughout the process, and giving you better overall results. Because of this, Dr. Oxley uses cutting-edge technology to ensure you’re comfortable and confident throughout your treatment and that you enjoy the best possible results. One of the main pieces of technology that helps him do this is the 3Shape TRIOS scanner system. But what exactly is it, and how could it benefit you?

We’ve put together a guide to help you understand this piece of technology better, including what you should expect if your treatment calls for it. 

What is the 3Shape TRIOS scanner system?

The 3Shape TRIOS scanner system is a cutting-edge digital scanner that allows Dr. Oxley to create highly accurate, detailed 3D models of your teeth and bite. These models help Dr. Oxley work with you to plan or design a range of dental treatments including crowns, veneers, implants, orthodontic treatments like braces or clear aligners, and more. The 3Shape TRIOS scanner system can even detect and monitor oral diseases such as caries, tooth wear, and periodontal disease, making it equally useful as a diagnostic tool! 

What are the benefits of this system?

One of the major benefits of the 3Shape TRIOS scanner system is just how comfortable, fast, and easy it is to scan your teeth and create a model that can be used to plan treatments or design dental restorations. It eliminates the need for using traditional, gooey putty to take impressions of your teeth, saving you time and discomfort. Even better, the scans take such high-quality images of your teeth that the models they create are more accurate than those created by traditional putty molds, which allows Dr. Oxley to create dental restorations that fit better and feel more comfortable.

The 3Shape TRIOS scanner system is more than that, though! Its advanced computer software allows Dr. Oxley to precisely design and simulate your desired treatment outcome, allowing you to digitally “try on” your smile before you commit. You’ll be able to compare and contrast between simulated before-and-after pictures, giving you a better idea of what your completed smile will look like and helping you decide with more certainty if this treatment is right for you.

Once you decide on a treatment, you and Dr. Oxley can also use the simulated pictures to narrow down the details of your smile design and what you want your completed smile to look like. This gives you the opportunity to be more involved than ever in your smile design, ensuring you’ll love your results!

If your smile makeover involves an ongoing treatment plan, such as ClearCorrect aligners, you’ll also be able to see how well you’re progressing from one visit to the next using a simple scan at each visit. Each of these scans will be uploaded into a folder of images just for you, which you can scroll through any time to watch the progression of your makeover from beginning to end.

Additionally, the fact that the system can both detect and monitor oral diseases such as caries, tooth wear, or periodontal diseases sets it apart from other scanners. It doesn’t just play a role in restorative and cosmetic dental treatments—it also plays a role in diagnosing and treating oral health issues, making it incredibly versatile. 

How does smile design with the 3Shape TRIOS scanner system work?

The smile design process using the 3Shape TRIOS scanner system is incredibly easy. When you’re first considering a treatment, you simply send Dr. Oxley a photo and explain what you want for your smile. He can then design the look you want and have you view it using an app on your phone. You can take as much time as you need to decide what you think about the design, and you can even show it to your friends and family to get their feedback.

Once you decide on a treatment, you’ll come into our office for a full consultation and scan. The system takes highly detailed scans using a compact, wand-like intraoral attachment that’s about the size of an electric toothbrush. This wand is simply passed over your teeth a few times from different angles in a simple, comfortable process that only takes a couple of minutes. These scans are then used to create a detailed 3D model, which helps Dr. Oxley plan your treatment and design your restoration.

Throughout the smile design process, you’ll have chances to share your thoughts. If you don’t like something about the smile design, don’t be afraid to tell Dr. Oxley! We want you to gain your dream smile, and sharing your thoughts during the design process will ensure that is exactly what you get.

Dr. Oxley is committed to bringing you the best the dental industry has to offer with the latest technology for the best outcomes with the greatest comfort. The 3Shape TRIOS scanner system is a massive part of helping him do just that, keeping you more comfortable and allowing you to stay involved throughout the design process so you know exactly what to expect from your final results—and so you’ll love them!

If you’d like to learn more about the 3Shape TRIOS scanner system, discover other steps our team takes to make your comfort a priority during regular checkups, or as you undergo restorative or cosmetic dentistry in Trent Woods NC, feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Oxley at any time.