Enhancing Your Smile: The Art of Smile Design with 3Shape Unite

smile design with 3shape Unite.

Smile design has always been an important element of aesthetic dentistry. It isn’t just about getting the “right” results but about crafting a smile that suits you as an individual. Today, advanced digital dentistry technology, such as 3Shape Unite makes it possible to deliver even better results through a faster and more versatile smile design process.

Understanding Smile Design with 3Shape

3Shape is a dental technology company that produces a variety of hardware and software solutions. Their technology is at the cutting edge of restorative and cosmetic dentistry, enabling dentists to provide more accurate results tailored to each individual patient.

The combination of high-resolution digital imaging from their intraoral scanners with dedicated software serves to improve every step of smile design. Your dentist can create an accurate model of your current smile that captures even the most minute details and then use software to adjust and experiment with potential smile design options.

This advancement in aesthetic dentistry makes it possible to understand your smile and develop a treatment plan more effectively before any procedures have started. Instead of trying to choose the best approach and only knowing the results afterward, your dentist can now develop a precise and accurate plan with certainty.

The art of personalized smile design.

In cosmetic dentistry, personalizing a patient’s smile design is the key focus. Every patient is unique, and so every treatment plan must be as well. Your dentist will carefully assess your individual needs and goals in order to formulate your custom treatment plan. Technology such as 3Shape Unite serves to improve this process.

Once they have taken a complete 3D scan of your mouth using the intraoral scanner, your dentist can then use the 3Shape Unite platform to adjust every detail when planning your treatment. 

The versatile platform allows for finite adjustments to each individual tooth. Your dentist can determine how your smile will look after treatment has changed the shape, size, color, and overall aesthetics of individual teeth. This removes any guesswork from the equation.

With this level of control, your dentist can create a custom treatment plan that suits you perfectly. That includes accounting for facial features and symmetry and even factoring your personality into your smile design.

The smile design process with 3Shape Unite.

Your smile design starts with an initial consultation. During this consultation, your dentist will ask a variety of questions about how you see your smile and which particular areas you’re concerned about. You can also take that time to ask questions you have about the process.

If you do wish to pursue a smile makeover after your consultation, the dentist will capture detailed digital imaging of your teeth and mouth using a 3Shape intraoral scanner. This is a quick and comfortable process.

Using the 3Shape Unite platform, your dentist will then create smile mock-ups showing the results you can expect from various smile treatment plans. This lets you have a concrete idea of what to expect after specific procedures to help you and your dentist plan together more effectively.

During your smile design process, you’ll be able to give specific feedback based on the smile mock-ups. Your dentist implements this feedback using the 3Shape unite platform to adjust your smile design to better suit your individual needs and goals. The end result is a smile design that is uniquely yours.

Realizing Your Dream Smile: Treatment Implementation

Once you have decided on a finalized smile design, your dentist will carry out the specific cosmetic dentistry procedures necessary to realize it. Your treatment plan may include a wide range of different options to restore and revitalize your smile.

In the case of options, such as inlays and onlays, dental crowns, or veneers, your dentist will work with a dental lab to create custom pieces. The high-resolution imaging and smile design from the 3Shape Unite platform provide dental labs with precise dimensions for your restoration.

By working closely together and using the latest technology, your dentist and the dental lab ensure that your crowns or other restorations are a perfect match for your smile. This also provides the best fit, which improves the longevity and durability of the crown.

3Shape Unite also plays an important role in planning orthodontic treatment. If ClearCorrect aligners are necessary to straighten your smile, then your dentist will use 3Shape Unite to carefully plan your treatment.

Get started on your smile design today.

If you’re interested in revamping your smile, then a consultation at Oxley Comprehensive Dental can help you do just that. We make use of the latest technologies, such as 3Shape Unite and intraoral scanners, to deliver a personalized smile design through digital dentistry. You can book your consultation today.