Spring Family Fun for 2022 in New Bern, NC

There are so many ways to enjoy spring with the family

Spring has sprung, and families all across New Bern, North Carolina, will be looking for spring family fun activities. After all, even though the climate and average weather in New Bern are pretty comfortable in the 40s to 70s, the winter season can get chilly, and even the toughest New Bernians take to the indoors for some warm and cozy fun. 

So now that March 20, 2022, is drawing near, what will your family add to your list of spring family fun things to do? Not sure? Don’t worry; we have some ideas to help you out.

12 Amazing Things To Do With Your Family This Spring

Springtime is right around the corner, and now is the time to start planning some spring family fun activities. We’ve put together a list of 12 ideas to help you get started.

1. Go on a picnic at a park.

With 27 parks in New Bern, NC, and more planned for the future, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect spot to lay out a blanket and enjoy a family picnic. When packing up that picnic basket, be sure to add plenty of ​​tooth-friendly raw vegetables like carrots, celery, and bell peppers, which are excellent snack alternatives to unhealthy chips and crackers. Then, pack some yummy lunch meats and cheese for lettuce roll-ups or an old-school sandwich.

2. Get outside for a spring family fun hike.

Whether you want a gentle stroll, a power hike, or prefer to bike some of the New Bern trails, you’ll find no shortage of paths to try. Enjoy hand-curated trail maps conveniently located along several easy hiking trails in New Bern, or seek some kid-friendly routes suitable for the entire family.

3. Get planting now to reap the rewards in summer. 

New Bern has a pretty decent frost-free growing season of about 240 days starting March 21. Spring is a great time to plant tomatoes, peppers, and even basil for a crop of healthy home-grown vegetables this summer. If you are looking for some bright blooms, then geraniums, marigolds, sunflowers, and zinnias all do well this time of year. Kids love being able to get their hands dirty with their parent’s blessing, so get them involved in the planting and watering of some garden seedlings. And, getting outside and gardening is great exercise and good for the soul.

4. Paint flower pots in spring-inspired colors.

If planting some seeds or seedlings has got you inspired to garden, why not take it up a notch and paint some terra cotta plants with the kids in fun spring colors. Some of those summer blooms mentioned in point #3 will thrive in a sunny spot on a window sill. It’s sure to be a great opportunity to get creative.

5. Plan an outdoor movie night and invite some friends.

Your garage door makes the perfect backdrop for a movie played on a projector through your laptop computer. And if your garage door is darker, you can pick up a white tarp from the local hardware store without too much financial investment. Great spring movie choices for the kids include “Zoo,” “The Wild,” and “Bee Movie.” Of course, classics like “Back to the Future” and “Goonies” are always great choices too.

6. Attend Winterfeast at the Governor’s Palace.

Winterfeast will take place on Saturday, March 26, 2022, on the South Lawn of the Governor’s Palace. Enjoy an oyster feast accompanied by shrimp and grits, jambalaya, chowder, and plenty of side options, along with a savory pig roast and live music. This annual New Bern tradition also features live music with folk band Molasses Creek of Ocracoke Island. 

7. Sign the kids up for the Superkids Fun Run.

Want to encourage more physical activity in your kids and loved ones, especially if they’ve been sitting on the couch playing video games this winter? Why not sign them up for the Neuse River Bridge Run Superkids Fun Run? The run will take place late in the afternoon on April 8, 2022, and will be accompanied by games, music, and treats for the kids. 

8. Hang your laundry outside to dry.

It seems this old tradition is becoming a thing of the past, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to get in the mood for spring, who says you can’t tie it to your household chores? String up a clothesline, hang out the laundry, and see how fresh it smells when you bring it in. With the warmer weather rolling in, you’ll be surprised how quickly those spring breezes dry your laundry.

9. Paint your front door a light, springy color.

Are you looking to make a change to the street presence of your home? Why not freshen up the look of your home by painting your front door a new color? Not sure what color to paint your front door for spring? Try a shade of yellow, green, blue, orange, or red. Or embrace color and match your door to the Pantone color for 2022! And if you don’t like it, know that you can change it up for the summer in just a few short months.

10. Catch the wind.

Spring is the perfect time to get outside, and kids love unique activities. So, create a windsock, homemade kite, or paper pinwheel and take it outside for some spring family fun that doubles as a science experiment. As you’re making your homemade items with the kids, ask them what they know about the wind and see what they have to say. 

11. Build a bird feeder.

Kids love playing with a hammer and nails. So, in a safe and controlled environment, with a dutiful parent looking on, help your child to build a birdhouse for one of the many common backyard birds in North Carolina. Whether you decide on a wren house, a sparrow nestbox, or come up with a more generic bird-house plan, you’ll enjoy building together. And when the house is ready, take some time to scout out the perfect backyard location and hang it up.

12. Replicate giant almond blossoms by making homemade popcorn balls. 

Who doesn’t love popcorn? And who says you can’t combine spring family fun with one of your favorite snacks? So, make some popcorn and indulge (be sure to floss when you are done) while building your homemade popcorn balls to look like almond blossoms.

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