Virtual Smile Designs in the Age of Digital Cosmetic Dentistry

Virtual smile designs in cosmetic dentistry

Dental imaging technology has enhanced the smile makeover experience for patients.

Modern dental offices like Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry are outfitted with the latest in dental technology and tools. These tools and tech enhance patients’ experiences and allow Dr. Oxley to produce incredible results with cosmetic dentistry.

Dental photography and digital imaging are an area of cosmetic dentistry that has really improved over recent years. Dr. Oxley is able to provide virtual smile designs thanks to these advances. Our office uses a Trios intraoral scanner to take digital 3D scans of patients’ teeth to create a stunning new smile for them. 

The benefits of a virtual smile designs impact both patients and dentists.

Virtual smile designs have positively impacted dentists and patients alike.

Dr. Oxley is able to provide highly accurate virtual previews of smiles for his patients. This helps him determine what procedures are necessary and how individual procedures will work together to give patients a great end result. In return, patients also have a wonderful experience that includes them in each step of their own individual smile designs.

Here are 4 of our favorite benefits of virtual smile designs.

1. No more goopy putty impressions.

Traditional smile designs required us to use a special dental putty to take impressions of a patient’s teeth. You might have experienced this yourself when getting a dental crown. Although the putty is completely safe, it is goopy, messy, and can be uncomfortable. Now that we use a Trios intraoral scanner, we don’t need to use putty or any other form of physical impressions. We simply scan the entire inside of your mouth with the wand and receive an instant 3D model on our computer. 

2. Shorter treatment times.

Since labs are able to build prosthetic teeth, dental crowns, and porcelain veneers directly from 3D images, there is a lot less waiting for patients. Not only will we be able to begin building your smile right away, but you’ll also leave with your finished smile makeover in less time as well.

3. You get to try on your new smile.

It can be tricky for patients to visualize how their new smile might look. Virtual smile designs allow Dr. Oxley to create a realistic image of the patient’s smile, add the desired changes, and present an image of what their future smile will look like. Patients can see a before and after before they even begin treatment.

4. Results are beautiful and realistic.

Dr. Oxley is able to see what your smile will look like before any restorations are created or cosmetic care begins. By working with you, the patient, Dr. Oxley can ensure that the final results look beautiful, realistic, and most importantly, include the changes you want in your smile the most.

Patients are more involved than ever in their smile designs.

The “you get what you get” mindset to cosmetic dentistry is certainly outdated with modern dentists. In Dr. Oxley’s office, patients are directly involved in the design of their new smile. This is the best way to ensure that patients are happy with the final results.

Each person has a slightly different idea of what a perfect smile looks like. Some patients want fairly minimal changes for a “my teeth but better” appearance, while others want a drastic change or a Hollywood-esque smile. Dr. Oxley’s experience allows him to guide patients towards a well-balanced smile that fits their natural face shape and smile. Together you’ll discuss ideas and look at examples of smiles to determine the best fit.

And if you see your virtual smile but feel it’s just a bit off? Dr. Oxley is able to make detailed changes to really get as close as possible to your version of your perfect smile. This alone is a huge advantage over more traditional methods of smile designs.

Modern smile makeovers offer faster results with no surprises.

A wonderful thing about technological advances in modern cosmetic dentistry is how much faster patients are able to see their results.

In the past, dental work—especially in-depth restorations and makeovers—took multiple dental appointments and a fairly lengthy treatment time overall. It could be weeks or even a month or more before patients were finally finished. With today’s technology and techniques, a skilled dentist like Dr. Oxley is able to finish treatment faster and produce stunning, high-quality results that will last for decades or even your lifetime.

Best of all, patients are not only seeing quicker results, but they’re also completing treatment without any frustrating surprises. Since a virtual smile design gives you an ultra-realistic look at what your future smile will look like, the risks of dental work not fitting your face well are drastically reduced.

Start your virtual smile design journey with Dr. Oxley.

The first step towards transforming your smile into one you love is to book a consultation with Dr. Oxley. Even if you’re not quite ready to begin treatment, we still encourage you to give us a call. A consultation is a perfect opportunity to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and ask questions directly to an experienced cosmetic dentist. You can schedule your smile makeover consultation today by calling our office during business hours. During our off-hours, you can also leave us a message or fill out this online form instead.