Your smile is part of what makes you, you

Your Smile Is Unique; Don’t Select It Off a Shelf

Design your smile to enhance your unique self. What sounds better to you? A smile that looks exactly like a model’s picture-perfect grin? Or a unique smile that highlights your best qualities without looking manufactured or fake? Perfectly straight, white teeth are all the rage. Many celebrities have them and everyone else is scrambling to…
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Virtual smile designs in cosmetic dentistry

Virtual Smile Designs in the Age of Digital Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental imaging technology has enhanced the smile makeover experience for patients. Modern dental offices like Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry are outfitted with the latest in dental technology and tools. These tools and tech enhance patients’ experiences and allow Dr. Oxley to produce incredible results with cosmetic dentistry. Dental photography and digital imaging are an area of…
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Healthy Teeth for a Healthy Life

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