Delicious holiday recipes

7 Tasty Recipes for a Healthy, Happy Holiday

Our Favorite Healthy Recipes, Perfect for the Holidays You can smell it already: scents of gingerbread and cinnamon in the air. You catch a whiff of fresh pine every time you pass the Christmas tree. You’re dreaming of sugar plums and holiday delights. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. After all, the holidays…
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Know the warning signs of gum disease

Top 11 Causes of Gum Disease in Adults and How To Combat Them

Early Signs of Gum Disease Macy brushed her teeth with an electric toothbrush and flossed before bed. But when she looked in the mirror the next morning, she still saw gums that were puffy, red, and sore. Macy called her dentist to make an appointment right away because she had heard these symptoms could lead…
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Oxley Comprehensive knows comfort dentistry

6 Ways We Make Comfort a Priority at Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry

Don’t let discomfort keep you from the dentist. When you think of all the things that you love to do, going to the dentist might not be at the top of the list. Sadly, many adults hate going to the dentist. But at Oxley Comprehensive Dental in New Bern, North Carolina, we want to change…
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Know what to do in a dental emergency

Be Prepared in Case of a Dental Emergency

The Importance of Dental Emergency Kits When we think of emergencies, we often think of medical emergencies related to chest pain, excessive bleeding, or some other form of trauma. But the truth is that there are plenty of tooth-related emergencies too. These dental emergencies can be stressful for both parents and kids alike. That’s why…
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Dental bonding or veneers

Is Dental Bonding as Good as Veneers?

How to Choose Between Dental Bonding and Veneers Dental bonding is a type of cosmetic dentistry that’s often compared to porcelain veneers. It offers a similar smile makeover result, minus the permanent and pricey attributes of actual veneers. But is dental bonding really as good as veneers? The answer to that question isn’t a simple…
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Get a fresh smile with porcelain veneers

How Porcelain Veneers Can Fix Discolored, Chipped, and Crooked Teeth

Don’t love your smile? Well, the good news is that there is something that you can do about it. Smile makeovers are more achievable than ever, and one of the most popular approaches to smile makeovers is using porcelain veneers. Popular amongst celebrities such as George Clooney, Ben Affleck, and Demi Moore, porcelain veneers are…
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Zirconia crowns may be the better option

Top 10 Advantages of Zirconia Crowns

A Closer Look at Zirconia When it comes to our health, we naturally want the best, and that includes choosing top-quality dental materials when we have work done. There are many reasons why you should consider using zirconia as the material for your dental crown. Zirconia crowns may not be as famous as ceramic ones,…
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Know the signs of periodontitis

What You Need to Know About Periodontitis, Gingivitis, and Gum Health

Periodontal Disease in Adults According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 47% of adults over the age of 30 have some form of periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases comprise various illnesses such as gum diseases, gingivitis, and periodontitis that result from infection and inflammation of the gums and bones that support your…
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Smile again with a full mouth reconstruction

How Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Change Your Smile—and Your Life

Regaining a healthy, beautiful smile doesn’t have to be a dream. Have you ever broken a bone before? Even if you haven’t, you probably know that even a simple break is quite the experience, requiring you to wear a cast for at least a month—often several. Eventually, though, the broken bone heals. While teeth don’t…
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Time to restore those missing teeth

First 3 Steps for Restoring Missing Permanent Teeth

Missing permanent teeth is only a temporary setback on your journey to regaining a full, healthy smile. Missing permanent teeth leaves more than a metaphorical hole in a person’s smile. Our smiles are a big part of our character, and losing a tooth can leave anyone feeling as though they’ve also lost a bit of…
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What makes Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry different

7 Ways Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry Is Different

Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry can change your idea of dental visits. The dentist you choose for yourself and your family has a significant impact on your current and future oral health. A dentist is much more than someone who fills cavities or keeps teeth clean. They support your long-term oral health as well as nurture the…
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A dental cleaning doesn't have to hurt

A Gentler, Less Intense Dental Cleaning Is Possible

Enjoy a relaxing dental cleaning experience during your routine hygiene appointments. The most important category of general dentistry is preventive dental care. Preventive care is all about caring for your smile in a manner that prevents tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems from occurring in the first place. Aside from your routine…
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