7 Ways Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry Is Different

What makes Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry different

Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry can change your idea of dental visits.

The dentist you choose for yourself and your family has a significant impact on your current and future oral health.

A dentist is much more than someone who fills cavities or keeps teeth clean. They support your long-term oral health as well as nurture the vital link between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. The better of a relationship you have with your dentist, the more likely you are to see them often and prioritize your oral health.

Our team here at Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry strives to create such a bond with our patients living in and around the New Bern community. If you’re searching for a great dentist and dental care team, here are 7 reasons why Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry could be a perfect match for you.

1. The Oxley Comprehensive team welcomes your entire family and takes pride in showing youngsters how great dental appointments can be.

Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry is a family dental care practice. Parents can bring their kids to see Dr. Oxley and have the reassurance that the same team that cares for their own smile will also provide the same level of care to their children. Our team loves to work with kids of all ages and help them discover how dental appointments can be exciting rather than intimidating or stressful.

2. We are a tight-knit dental family with a passion for creating close relationships with our patients.

Too many dental providers view patients as paying customers, and patients are quick to recognize this. At Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry, we don’t believe patients simply pay for a service; they are instead trusting us with the privilege to care for their oral health. We treat each patient as a member of our dental family and strive to give them the exact same level of care we’d want for ourselves.

3. Our goal is to not just provide exceptional dental care services but to also become your long-term dental home.

By developing fantastic relationships with our patients, we are aiming to become their long-term dental home. A dental home is a term used to describe the ongoing relationship between a dentist and a patient. It’s a patient-centered approach to dental care that is one of the most successful when it comes to achieving optimal oral health for life.

4. We provide emergency and urgent care appointments when patients need gentle, effective care.

Dr. Oxley wants to be there when you need him most. A debilitating toothache, a broken tooth, or a dental crown that’s fallen out are all reasons patients may need effective dental care as quickly as possible. Our team does our best to be there for patients by providing emergency dentistry as well as urgent care appointments within the same day.  

5. Patient comfort and confidence come first in everything we do, from checkups to treatment appointments.

Dental care that doesn’t prioritize patient comfort is detrimental to their confidence and well-being and may even negatively impact their oral health. We approach dental care by doing whatever we can to make patients feel as comfortable and confident as possible. This is especially true for patients who have dental anxiety. We even offer sedation dentistry for those who may need a little help relaxing.

6.  Our patients’ routine dental cleanings are a relaxing, spa-like experience.

Dr. Oxley gives patients a professional dental experience like none other. We use a dental cleaning device called the Airflow Prophylaxis Master that allows for an exceptional deep clean without causing any damage to the gum tissue or teeth enamel. Best of all, this cleaning system is a spa-like experience for patients. There are no jarring vibrations or loud noises, and the system uses a sweet, pleasant cleaning product.

7. We offer cosmetic dentistry care because a confident smile is as important as a healthy one.

Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry focuses on all aspects of dental health by providing preventive care, restorative dentistry, and even cosmetic dentistry. The foundation of a great smile is healthy teeth and gums, but smile confidence is just as important. By offering cosmetic care, Dr. Oxley is able to help patients get their healthiest smile yet while also prioritizing a smile they will eagerly want to show off without feeling self-conscious.

Come visit us to experience the Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry difference.

If Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry sounds like a place you can call your dental home, why not come in for a visit? We welcome new patients to come in for a no-pressure introduction to our team so we can show how we care for our patients first-hand.

During your initial appointment, you’ll meet Dr. Oxley and the rest of our team and get familiar with our office. Dr. Oxley will learn more about you and perform a simple examination to get an idea of your current oral health.

From there, you can book a follow-up appointment — perhaps a relaxing cleaning — or take some time to decide if our practice is the right one for you and your family. You can schedule your new patient appointment by calling our New Bern office during business hours or by filling out this quick online form.