First 3 Steps for Restoring Missing Permanent Teeth

Time to restore those missing teeth

Missing permanent teeth is only a temporary setback on your journey to regaining a full, healthy smile.

Missing permanent teeth leaves more than a metaphorical hole in a person’s smile. Our smiles are a big part of our character, and losing a tooth can leave anyone feeling as though they’ve also lost a bit of who they are.

Missing permanent teeth negatively impact self-confidence, oral health, diet, and much more. Thankfully, these issues don’t have to be permanent and you can restore your smile with the help of a great dentist.

Here are the 3 things you need to do to begin this journey.

1. Find a compassionate dentist who provides restorative and cosmetic dental care.

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’ve had damaged teeth extracted, but the dentist who extracted them hasn’t offered further help, it’s time to find a new dentist.

Your dentist’s experience, skill, and compassion play an integral part in restoring your smile and your oral health after experiencing tooth loss. Additionally, as a patient, you want to work with a dentist and dental care team that is understanding, empathetic, and makes you feel respected rather than judged.

Dr. Oxley and his team provide support throughout a person’s oral health journey, whether they still need extractions or they’re ready to move forward with restorative care.

You’ll also find that Dr. Oxley offers a complete menu of dental care services, including restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and preventive care. From a patient perspective, this means you’ll be able to get all of the care you need in one practice with minimal need for referrals.

2. Consider your smile goals and what types of restorations align with them.

Your dentist will offer valuable guidance in choosing which restorative services are best for your smile. However, many patients do enjoy independently researching what options are available, especially if anxiety or excitement make them feel pressured to make decisions.

Start off by thinking about your goals for your smile. Is replacing your missing permanent teeth the only change you want? Maybe you also want some chipped teeth fixed or you wish your smile was also whiter? Perhaps you’re dreaming of a total smile makeover akin to the before-and-after reveals on social media and television. Once you have an idea of what you want for your smile, you’ll be able to feel confident in discussing treatment options with your dentist.

Dr. Oxley is a huge advocate for dental implant surgery for permanently replacing missing permanent teeth. Dental implants mimic natural teeth in a way that other restorations are unable to. They prevent bone loss from occurring, require normal dental care to maintain, and allow patients to eat a typical diet with a variety of food textures.

If dental implants aren’t the right choice, dental bridges, dentures, partial dentures, and other restorative solutions can still achieve beautiful, long-term results.

3. Schedule a dental consultation with your dentist to begin a treatment plan to restore those missing permanent teeth.

Feeling excited and eager to begin reviving your smile? The third step is to schedule a consultation and begin forming a treatment plan with your dentist.

During your consultation you’ll learn more about your smile as it is right now and what might be going on under the surface. Dr. Oxley will perform a thorough examination and you’ll have X-rays taken of your entire smile as well as the area surrounding your missing teeth.

From there you and Dr. Oxley will have a conversation about your current oral health and you can share your personal smile goals. You’ll talk about what restorative solutions interest you and whether or not you’re a candidate for those procedures. Dr. Oxley will offer his advice and steer you toward restorative care that will yield the best results for your smile.

Dr. Oxley will create a treatment plan you both agree with and from there you’ll schedule your next appointment. If you’re a new patient, sometimes you’ll need to schedule a deep cleaning to prep your teeth and remove any plaque buildup. This ensures your mouth is as clean as possible before the next step.

If you’ve chosen dental implants to replace your missing tooth or teeth, Dr. Oxley may recommend a bone graft prior to placing the implant post. This is often the case with missing permanent teeth that were extracted a few years ago where bone loss in the jaw has already begun to occur. This extra step is necessary to ensure your dental implant is a success that lasts a lifetime.

Ready to book your consultation?

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