Try on Your Future Smile Makeover with 3Shape Technology

Smile makeover with 3shape technology

Many patients visit the dentist because they aren’t happy with how their smile looks. They may require cosmetic or restorative procedures as part of their smile makeover, but some are concerned about how things will turn out. With the latest 3Shape technology, you can see what your new smile will look like before treatment begins.

An Innovative New Way to Plan Your Smile Makeover

Like any other cosmetic procedure, your 3Shape smile makeover begins with a consultation. You’ll discuss your concerns and what aspects of your smile you aren’t satisfied with. From there, the dentist can determine which potential treatments could contribute to your smile design.

Before 3Shape technology, there wasn’t really any way for patients to know exactly what their new smile would look like. Dentists may have provided “before and after” pictures from other examples of the same treatment, but this doesn’t capture the patient’s individual situation.

Now, that’s completely changed with the introduction of the 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner. These advanced oral scanners produce highly accurate images of a patient’s smile, allowing for digital dentistry planning. The scans are incredibly precise and capture both shape and color accurately.

These 3D scans allow the dentist to carefully plan the finest details of your treatment. In turn, you can get the clearest possible picture of what your eventual treatment outcome will be.

Planning Your Smile Design Together

3Shape technology makes planning smile makeovers a more collaborative process. In the past, patients have only been able to express their current dissatisfaction with their smile and have the dentist develop a treatment plan. Now, you can see the expected outcome of any proposed treatments on your smile and give feedback.

The dentist can then make changes as needed to your treatment plan to adjust the outcome before any procedures are started. Having a clear idea of what to expect going into a treatment plan means that patients are more likely to get exactly what they want.

The digital dentistry software that powers 3Shape design technology is incredibly precise, allowing the dentist to make the most minute adjustments to your treatment plan. Once ready, you can view your expected results instantly through the Smile Design app.

Treatment Options During a Smile Makeover

There are many individual cosmetic dental treatment options that you and your dentist can discuss when you’re planning your smile makeover. Every patient is unique, so every treatment plan must address their individual needs.

If you’re concerned about the brightness of your smile, options like in-office or professional at-home teeth whitening can help. Veneers are another option for dealing with discolored teeth and can address chips and disproportionate or oddly shaped teeth as well.

Restorative dentistry treatment options like crowns and bridges can be planned for patients with severe tooth decay or damaged or missing teeth. ClearCorrect clear aligners and other orthodontic options may be available through your dentist for misaligned teeth.

With so many different treatment options available, the usefulness of 3Shape technology is abundantly clear. It takes the guesswork out of smile design, letting you know that you’re getting the appropriate treatments for the results you desire.

Smile Makeover: Easier than You Think

For some patients, a smile makeover can be a serious undertaking. Treatment options like dental implants can be a long-lasting commitment to deal with severe dental issues. While some treatment plans can include major procedures, most patients can update their smile with little to no hassle or recovery time.

In fact, if you’re going with procedures like veneers or bonding for your smile makeover, you might not even need traditional dental anesthetics. You won’t even have to deal with the unpleasant prick of an anesthetic shot for some simple cosmetic procedures!

This is possible thanks to a new development in dental anesthesia – Kovanaze nasal spray. Kovanaze is suitable for procedures treating the front teeth. 

The anesthetic is delivered through a simple and comfortable nasal spray. It provides pulpal anesthesia, numbing the pulp and nerve inside your teeth without causing more widespread numbness in the lips or other areas.

Starting Your Smile Makeover

There is a wide range of cosmetic and restorative treatments that could help you realize the smile of your dreams. At Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry, we can develop a personalized treatment plan suited to your dental needs and budget. You can reach out to Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry to schedule a smile makeover consultation. We’ll discuss which treatment options are right for you and can use our 3Shape technology to provide the best in aesthetic dentistry near Trent Woods, NC. You can contact our office today to get started.