7 Facts You May Not Have Known About Dental Implants

Facts about dental implants

Your Dental Implants Reality Check: Facts or Myths

Dental implants are one of the most popular tooth replacement options today due to their versatility and the excellent results they offer. However, many people are unsure about dental implants because they are unaware of essential facts about this safe and effective procedure.

There are seven facts about dental implants you should know if you’re looking for the right tooth replacement option for you.

1. Dental implants are more common than you think.

Some people are under the impression that dental implants are still a new treatment option that hasn’t seen wide adoption yet. However, statistics paint a different picture, with about three million people in the US alone already having dental implants.

And that number is growing at the rate of about 500,000 per year. Dental implants aren’t something on the horizon. They’re providing countless patients with a better alternative to conventional options such as dentures, crowns, and bridges—today.

2. Dental implants can be an affordable option.

One of the most important dental implants facts to consider is their affordability. 

Dental implants have a reputation for being an expensive option to replace a missing tooth. However, this perception has become outdated as they have become more widely accepted. Insurance policies are more likely than ever to cover dental implants, and there is a range of financing and payment plans available as well.

It’s also important to consider the lifetime cost of tooth replacement. Dental implants may cost more, but they last much longer than other tooth replacement options. You’ll also avoid the special cleaners, refitting, and other maintenance costs associated with dentures.

3. Implant Restorations Aren’t as Complicated as They Seem.

Some patients are concerned about the complexity of the treatment process, but modern dental implant methods make your complete treatment plan very straightforward.

The entire process will only take two or three steps for planning and placement. With modern technology such as the TRIOS intraoral scanner and cone beam imaging, creating a custom dental implant plan is a fast and comfortable process for patients.

4. Dentures or Partials Don’t Stack Up Against Dental Implants.

You might think that dentures are just as effective as dental implants, but this simply isn’t the case. Dental implants provide a wide range of benefits over dentures. Because they are embedded in the jawbone, they prevent jawbone deterioration. This prevents the sunken facial features that develop over years of living with dentures.

Dental implants also make everyday activities like eating and speaking more natural. Dental implants provide the same bite strength as natural teeth, while dentures can generally only achieve 50%.

5. Implant Surgery Is Safe and Effective.

The term “implant surgery” can sound intimidating, but the reality is that the process is minimally invasive and typically requires only local anesthetic, much as you would receive during a root canal.

Of course, the anxiety you feel about implant surgery isn’t something to ignore. That is why there are sedation dentistry options available to ensure that you are calm and relaxed throughout the procedure, giving you the best treatment experience.

6. Your Healing Experience Can Be Comfortable.

There are some common misconceptions about the dental implant healing process. When the titanium implant posts are placed during implant surgery, it will take a period of several months before they heal completely.

However, this is the time it takes for the implants to bond with the jawbone, so you don’t experience pain or soreness over that time period. That’s just how long you have to wait until the final tooth replacement can be attached to the implant post, which will require only a brief visit to wrap up your dental implant process.

7. Dental Implants Deliver So Much More than Just a Great Smile.

While it’s true that dental implants can provide a full, bright, and flawless smile, that is far from the only reason they’re used by so many people. The confidence that comes with a full smile can help improve your day-to-day life, and you’ll also enjoy a variety of health benefits.

Filling the gap left by a missing tooth or missing teeth is also vital to long-term oral health, as it prevents other teeth from shifting out of their natural place. Leaving a gap open can result in the need for orthodontic treatment down the line. Dental implants even prevent jawbone deterioration in patients with all or most of their teeth missing.

Additionally, dental implants provide a better experience than other options in terms of eating and speaking. You have the strongest possible foundation, so you can avoid the slipping and movement associated with dentures.

Could Dental Implants Be the Right Choice for You?

If you’re missing teeth or are currently using full or partial dentures, consider dental implants as an effective tooth replacement option. At Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry, we provide quality, compassionate cosmetic and general dentistry to help you achieve your healthiest and happiest smile. To explore whether dental implants might be the right choice for you, reach out today for a consultation.