What Makes e.max Crowns So Strong and Sustainable?

Benefits of e.max crowns

Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in your body—stronger than your bones and even harder than iron or steel. This makes finding materials suitable for dental crowns difficult. But today, e.max crowns provide an effective solution.

What’s the best dental crown material?

Choosing the right tooth crown material is vital to ensure a lasting restoration and a beautiful smile. Many different materials are used today, each with their own unique advantages.

When it comes to pure durability, gold crowns are still the most effective option. This was the earliest material used for dental crowns and is still in use today. However, gold crowns are very conspicuous and won’t appeal to someone wanting a natural look.

Porcelain delivers improved aesthetics due to its tooth-like color and natural translucence. However, it doesn’t stand up as well as some other materials in terms of strength. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns provide improved strength, but can cause an adverse reaction in some patients who are sensitive to metals. There is also a risk of gum recession, which could expose the metal foundation resulting in a visible gray line.

While new crown materials and technologies have been introduced over the years, the latest advancement is e.max crowns. These crowns deliver both durability and a beautiful, natural appearance.

Why e.max Crowns Are So Strong

The most notable feature of e.max crowns is their incredible strength. They’re made of lithium disilicate, which is a type of ceramic. (Porcelain is also a type of ceramic.) Ceramics vary widely in their unique properties, and lithium disilicate delivers improved strength and durability over porcelain.

The strength and durability of lithium disilicate make it perfectly suited for dental crowns. It is highly resistant to chipping and breaking, which are important concerns for any dental crown. Your dental crown has to stand up to the everyday pressure from chewing, along with any contact with your other teeth.

Materials such as porcelain perform well in most cases, but are very susceptible to chipping. If that happens, you will need to have your crown replaced. You can achieve a much better (and more durable) performance with e.max crowns.

Your e.max crown delivers in terms of aesthetics, too.

Strength is just one of the important areas to consider when choosing a dental crown. There’s also the matter of appearance. You want a dental crown that looks natural so that you can enjoy a full and beautiful smile.

Porcelain has long been the standard for the most natural-looking dental crowns. However, e.max crowns also deliver incredible aesthetics. Your custom e.max crown will look very much like a natural tooth.

Unlike most other materials, e.max crowns also have some translucence, the same property that makes porcelain a good match for enamel. Your enamel allows some light to pass through, which gives it a distinct look. Your e.max crown mimics this appearance, matching not just the shape and color but also the translucence.

Choosing e.max crowns lets you enjoy the best of both worlds.

When choosing between most dental crown materials, you have to accept some compromises. Traditionally, there has been a balance between strength and appearance, and this meant that specific materials would be used for crowns in different parts of the mouth.

With e.max crowns, you don’t need to compromise. You can enjoy both strength and aesthetics. This makes e.max crowns a good choice for any tooth, as they can stand up to chewing and biting while also looking great.

While e.max crowns are suitable for a wide range of cases, they aren’t necessarily the right option for everyone. Other modern ceramic options, such as zirconia, also have a lot to offer. However, it can be difficult to decide which is right because both of these materials provide exceptional strength and lasting results.

The best way to find out which type of crown is best for you is to speak with your dentist. A careful examination of your individual needs is needed to deliver the best results for your specific case.

Getting Your Dental Crown at Oxley Comprehensive Dental

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If e.max crowns are the right solution, we have the technology to make your treatment process more comfortable than ever before. We use the latest Trios 3 intraoral scanner to develop an accurate, high-resolution map of your teeth and mouth. From there, we use advanced CAD/CAM technology to create your custom dental crown. Every dental crown is carefully customized to provide a natural yet polished look for your smile.

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