Dental Implants Procedure: Here’s What Happens

Dental implant surgery

Dental Implant Surgery With Dr. Oxley

Dental implants are rapidly becoming the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. To meet demands, a growing number of dentists provide dental implant surgery in their offices. However, not all dentists are up-to-date with the most advanced implant placement techniques. 

Dr. Oxley combines education and experience with state-of-the-art dentistry technology to allow him even greater precision and care when placing implants. The technology and tools he uses during dental implant surgery directly benefit patients by increasing their comfort and ensuring an exceptionally high rate of success post-healing.

Let’s dive into what it’s like having dental implants placed at Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry.

Achieving Candidacy for Dental Implants

Before the first treatment appointment, Dr. Oxley will evaluate your overall health to make sure you’re an ideal candidate for dental implant surgery.

Unlike other dental restorations, like dentures, receiving dental implants is a much more invasive process, especially as oral surgery is involved. It’s important to be in good general health, without uncontrolled or complicated medical conditions. Your immune system should also be strong and able to help you heal from surgery without any heightened risks of infection.

Keep in mind that just because you’re not a candidate now doesn’t mean you can’t be one in the future. Dr. Oxley can re-evaluate you as a candidate when your body and immune system can cope with dental implant surgery. While you wait, Dr. Oxley can steer you toward a less invasive alternative.

Pre-Implant Extractions and Bone Grafts

It isn’t uncommon to need bone grafts prior to dental implant surgery. In order for a dental implant to successfully heal and last a lifetime, the post needs adequate jawbone density to support it.

A graft will likely be necessary if you lost a tooth years ago and your jawbone has experienced shrinkage. Dr. Oxley also performs bone grafts immediately after extractions to expedite the process.

Here is a first-hand account from one of our patients who received extractions and grafts on the same day:

“This morning I had oral surgery with the removal of five bottom teeth and a double bone graft. We only used Novocain with no sedation needed and the procedure was absolutely painless. Dr Oxley took sufficient time to numb the area and walked me through the procedure. The entire time he was assisted by Sarah who is just a doll and extremely competent. We talked we laughed and I felt totally at ease through the whole procedure they both together make an excellent team!!!” —Tana A.

How Dr. Oxley Places Dental Implants

After your bone graft has healed and you’re ready for implants, you’ll return to see Dr. Oxley for your actual surgery appointment. 

Step 1: 3D Imaging and Digital Impressions

Dr. Oxley prioritizes your comfort by using digital dentistry technology and imaging. You’ll have a 3D cone beam image taken of your teeth, giving Dr. Oxley a realistic look at your teeth and jawbone structure. The impressions taken of your teeth are all done digitally, which means you won’t need to deal with gooey impressions and molds ever again.

Step 2: Designing Your Custom Implant Guide

With your digital images at the ready, Dr. Oxley will stitch them together to create a model of your teeth and share this with the dental lab. The lab will then design a guide to fit over your teeth to allow Dr. Oxley to precisely place the implant into your jawbone.

Check out this quick video to see what the guides look like and how they work. 

Step 3: Placing the Dental Implant Post

With the guide in place, Dr. Oxley will then place the implant post in its ideal position. You’ll be completely numbed and comfortable during the entire process. In fact, many patients are surprised at how easy their surgery is.

Step 4: Finishing With a Dental Crown

The final step in dental implant surgery is the placement of a dental crown. Your dental crown will look like a beautiful, natural tooth, and it will be color-matched to blend in with your smile. The crown itself sits atop the abutment of the implant post. The implant post itself lasts a lifetime while the crown’s lifespan averages around 15 years.

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Patients interested in dental implants will first see Dr. Oxley for an initial consultation. During this appointment, you’ll find out if you’re a candidate for dental implant surgery and learn more about the procedure. You’ll also be able to ask questions about dental implants and get answers relevant to your needs as a patient.

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