A Gentler, Less Intense Dental Cleaning Is Possible

A dental cleaning doesn't have to hurt

Enjoy a relaxing dental cleaning experience during your routine hygiene appointments.

The most important category of general dentistry is preventive dental care. Preventive care is all about caring for your smile in a manner that prevents tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems from occurring in the first place. Aside from your routine six-month checkups, the most common form of prevention care is a professional dental cleaning with your dentist’s hygienist.

A dental cleaning — also called dental prophylaxis — is something you’re probably quite familiar with. Usually, your dentist or their hygienist will use different instruments to scale the surface of your teeth to remove plaque and tartar buildup. These traditional metal tools are effective, but advancements in dental technology have ushered in an even better option: dental air scaling.

Benefits of the Airflow Prophylaxis Master for Patients

Dr. Oxley and his team have received specialized training in the use of their newest piece of equipment: the Airflow Prophylaxis Master. This device uses air to remove plaque and polish the surface of your teeth.

Not only does this tool make the dentist’s or hygienist’s job easier, but it also offers many benefits for patients.

No More Cold Water for Patients With Temperature Sensitivity

Cold water hitting sensitive teeth is enough to make anyone squirm with discomfort. The Airflow Prophylaxis Master allows for total control over the temperature of the water being used. We can raise the temperature as high as 104F, allowing us to find the most comfortable temperature for sensitive patients.

Minimized Need for Hand-Scaling Tools

The Airflow Prophylaxis Master drastically minimizes the need for traditional handheld tools. Hand scaling with these tools results in tissue trauma, something that is really unavoidable. This is why your teeth and gums may feel a little tender after a traditional dental cleaning experience.

The Airflow Prophylaxis Master allows for 95% of your teeth surfaces to be thoroughly cleaned without any hand scaling needed. Your hygienist will be able to keep tools to a minimum, thereby lowering the chances of tissue damage.

Guided Biofilm Therapy ensures no plaque is left.

The Airflow Prophylaxis Master uses a disclosing biofilm that highlights plaque on the surfaces of the teeth. This is similar to disclosing tablets used for kids and adults. The combination of the Airflow Prophylaxis Master tool and the Guided Biofilm Therapy makes thorough and effective dental cleaning much easier for dentists and hygienists.

Having a visual guide on where unhealthy biofilm or plaque and cavities are located ensures human errors are kept to a minimum while also speeding up the entire process

Guided Biofilm Therapy offers an educational experience for patients.

Guided Biofilm Therapy has dual benefits. Patients will not only be receiving a more thorough dental cleaning, but they’ll also be able to learn more about their own oral health. We love to educate our patients, and the Airflow Prophylaxis Master system helps us do so.

Before we begin a dental cleaning, we’ll use the disclosing product first so you can see what areas of your smile have plaque, biofilm, and even enamel damage. This is an eye-opening experience for many patients and also gives valuable insight into their brushing or flossing habits. You may notice certain areas of your teeth have more plaque because your brushing technique or oral care products may need to be improved.

Tooth enamel isn’t pitted or damaged in any way.

Traditional hand tools and certain types of air-powered tools can actually cause some minor enamel damage as they’re being used. The Airflow Prophylaxis Master is able to not only remove more external staining from the teeth but also polish without relying on physical abrasion.

Your teeth won’t have any microscopic pitting or any other form of damage to which bacteria and plaque can latch onto. Additionally, your teeth will be much more smoothly polished and free of stains compared to traditional options.

Allows for Better Dental Cleaning and Polishing Around Orthodontic Work

If you have braces, you already know how tricky it can be to brush around the various wires and brackets. A dentist or hygienist is able to get a much better clean with hand tools, but even those can leave behind some plaque around the brackets.

The Airflow Prophylaxis Master is significantly better at cleaning and polishing around orthodontic brackets, eliminating all plaque and biofilm without causing any sort of damage to the orthodontic work.

A spa-like experience makes appointments relaxing.

Dental cleanings can turn into a very relaxing experience with the Airflow Prophylaxis Master. The device is exceptionally quiet and completely free of any jarring vibrations.

The sensation during cleaning is also pleasant, thanks to the use of erythritol powder and water for removing the biofilm layer. Add in the ability to have temperature-controlled water, and you’ll wonder how a routine dental cleaning can seem more “spa” than medical.

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