Holiday treats that are good for your teeth.

Indulge Responsibly: Tooth-Friendly Treats for a Festive Holiday Season

The holiday season brings joy, laughter, and an abundance of delectable treats. Yet, it’s also a time when sugary indulgences can threaten your oral health. As the Calorie Control Council reveals, holiday feasts and sugary delights can pack on calories and expose your teeth to tooth decay.  Let’s explore how to savor the season while…
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Summer in New Bern, NC

7 Excellent Things to Do in and Around New Bern, NC, Before Summer Ends, Part 1

The best summer activities in and around New Bern, NC. Summer is always exciting here in New Bern, Trent Woods, and the surrounding areas. You can make the most of the season by planning fun activities for you and your family. There are plenty of summertime opportunities you can take advantage of here in our…
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Make the most of summertime with your kids

8 Top Tips for Making the Most of Summertime with Your Kids

Make the most of summertime! At Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry, we know how quickly kids grow up and how valuable summer break can be. We want to help you make the most of summertime with your kids by making memories both you and they will cherish forever. Use these ideas to plan some fantastic summertime activities…
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There are so many ways to enjoy spring with the family

Spring Family Fun for 2022 in New Bern, NC

Spring has sprung, and families all across New Bern, North Carolina, will be looking for spring family fun activities. After all, even though the climate and average weather in New Bern are pretty comfortable in the 40s to 70s, the winter season can get chilly, and even the toughest New Bernians take to the indoors…
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