Get a Beautiful, Healthy Smile with ClearCorrect Aligners

ClearCorrect can give you the smile you want

Find out how ClearCorrect aligners can improve your smile.

The appearance of your teeth can significantly affect your self-confidence and how old you look. Even when you’re not smiling, your teeth affect your appearance. Overbites, underbites, and even crooked teeth affect the shape and appearance of your face. But traditional braces can affect your confidence, self-esteem, and lifestyle. With those metal braces taking up residence in your mouth, you’re less likely to smile. And you’ll likely be frustrated that you can’t eat some of the foods you love. 

But with ClearCorrect clear aligners, you don’t have to make changes to your daily life while your teeth are steadily improving. ClearCorrect clear aligners are comfortable and nearly invisible; so much so that no one will know you are wearing them but you in many cases. What’s more, since you can take ClearCorrect clear aligners out of your mouth to eat, brush, or floss, there are no dietary restrictions or brushing and flossing obstructions. This makes ClearCorrect clear aligners an ideal choice.

What are ClearCorrect clear aligners?

ClearCorrect clear aligners consist of a series of clear dental appliances formed to the shape of your teeth. Over time, the aligners improve the appearance and function of your teeth through the application of gentle, consistent pressure. Specifically, clear aligners can help with the following dental issues:

  • Simple crowding/spacing
  • Overbite and overjet
  • Crossbite
  • Tipped and rotated teeth
  • Proclined teeth 

Clear aligners are increasingly popular because they can do almost everything metal braces can do but far more discreetly and conveniently. Though some cases are still best solved through traditional metal braces, clear aligner therapy can solve most types of malocclusion. 

Who are the best candidates for ClearCorrect clear aligners?

Clear aligners are generally suitable for patients with crooked, crowded, gapped, or spaced teeth, or those who have an overbite, open bite, underbite, or crossbite. If you have orthodontic issues apart from any of these, talk to your dentist about what cosmetic dentistry solutions might be best for you.

How long does ClearCorrect clear aligner treatment take?

After wearing each clear aligner set, you will see noticeable results as your teeth begin to adjust to your desired unique smile. You should anticipate periodic checkups with your dentist to evaluate progress and get your next set of aligners. You will continue this sequence until your new smile has been achieved.

Though treatment time can vary, most patients should anticipate that ClearCorrect aligners treatment will take between one and two years. During your consultation, Dr. Oxley will be able to provide you with a time estimate for your individualized treatment. He will then provide you with a new set of aligners every four to six weeks and ask you to wear your aligners as often as possible for a minimum of 22 hours per day. You can remove your clear aligners for eating, brushing, and flossing.

What results can you expect from ClearCorrect clear aligner treatment?

Dr. Oxley will guide you on what you can expect based on the dental issues that will be corrected as part of your ClearCorrect aligners treatment. Most patients start to see straighter teeth in as little as two or three weeks, though results, of course, can vary. And because your clear aligners are not affixed to your teeth, you don’t need to worry about potential discoloration or staining that is a risk with metal braces.

But most importantly, you can expect to experience the following benefits with your straightened teeth.

Quite simply, straight teeth can impact many parts of your life. With the help of clear aligners, your oral health will benefit, but so will your work and social life. If you want to take advantage of all the benefits you can experience from ClearCorrect aligners, it’s essential to start the process without further delay.

Find out more about ClearCorrect aligners and get started with treatment at Oxley Comprehensive Dental.

Clear braces are an exceedingly popular method of orthodontics and can help improve your self-confidence, among other things. If you live or work in the New Bern, NC, area and you have been anything but satisfied with your smile, it might be time to see if clear aligners are the right cosmetic dentistry solution for you. Request an appointment today to consult with Dr. Oxley at Oxley Comprehensive Dental. During your initial assessment, you will discuss your ideas for a smile design and agree on a treatment plan that’s best for you.

We’re confident that the team at Oxley Comprehensive Dental can help you obtain the straighter smile you’ve always wanted. So make an appointment today. We look forward to meeting you.