Your Smile Is a Work of Art: Is Your Cosmetic Dentist a Good Artist?

Find an artistic smile design dentist

Have you ever thought of how powerful your smile is? Think of your smile as a classic painting. These works of art were designed to evoke an emotion in whoever is graced by its presence. Some artwork elicits sadness or melancholy. Other works of art might leave you grinning from ear to ear as your eyes take in the magic. 

Well, the way we see it, your smile is a work of art too. When you express sadness, turning that smile into a frown elicits concern and sadness from others. But when you smile, the result is contagious! Think about it—when you smile, those around you are far more likely to smile too.

But, what do you do if your teeth don’t make you feel like smiling? The solution is to find an artistic smile design dentist.

An artistic smile design dentist can give you a smile makeover that resembles a work of art.

Your smile is often the most memorable element of your appearance. And if you don’t have a smile you love, you can seek a cosmetic dentist near Trent Woods to help you design and obtain the new smile you have always wanted. At Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry, it all starts with an aesthetic consultation and the My 3Shape unit. This intraoral scanner can show you what your new smile will look like before any procedure begins. Think of it as a technologically advanced photograph you can see on a screen before your new smile actually exists!

A good cosmetic dentist considers several factors when helping design your smile during a smile reconstruction or makeover. And treatment won’t begin until you’re 100% happy with your new smile design. Here are some things we consider when we help you design the perfect smile.

Important Considerations of an Artistic Smile Design Dentist

1. Color 

A big part of your smile makeover is the color of your teeth. And though we know patients usually want their teeth to be whiter and brighter, we want to ensure the color of your teeth is in harmony with your overall skin tone. Once we know the right color, we can decide on the right procedure to help us get there. For example, we may suggest a professional tooth whitening treatment or veneers, especially if your front teeth are discolored and slightly misaligned.

2. Dental Proportions 

We’ll also look at your relative dental proportions. The idea here is that golden proportions exist in nature that is generally aesthetically pleasing. For example, the width of the two front teeth should be double their length. If they are not, we can discuss a plan to address it. The key here is that we’ll consider your individuality along with our experience in a well balanced smile.

3. Your Smile Style 

Though everyone has their own unique smile style, they fall into three categories. Your smile style affects the type of cosmetic dental work we’ll recommend. For example, do you have a commissure smile, a cuspid smile, or a complex smile? 

A commissure smile is the most common and affects most of the population. This smile is often considered a Cupid’s bow, where the corners of your mouth are first pulled up and outward, followed by the levators of the upper lip contracting to show the upper teeth.

The cuspid smile tends to show more of your gums in the upper arch, and you are more likely to show more of your upper teeth. With this smile, we consider more of your gumline.

The final smile type, which is the rarest, is the complex smile that reveals the most teeth.

4. Individuality and Personality

Finally, we want to consider your individual style and your personality. What fits one person’s face beautifully may not be the right design for someone else. Are you an outgoing person? Or are you more reserved and shy? Smile types for both of these personalities (and everyone in between) are beautifully created to match how you smile, ensuring it is as rewarding as possible.

The fact is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all smile type. Consider the uniqueness of smiles among various celebrities. Some smiles are subtle, and some are just out there for the entire world to see. We want to ensure your smile is created to suit you, your personality, and your smile goals. We’ll consider the pattern of the muscles around your lips and how they move when you smile. We’ll look at how your eyes align with your smile, and so much more.

We’ll consider all four of your smile patterns to make sure your smile suits your personality during all phases:

  • Lips closed
  • A smile at rest
  • A natural three-quarter smile
  • A full expanded smile

Smile design works with your unique smile to achieve an aesthetically pleasing, uniquely you smile. Just like an artist has high-quality brushes and paints to create a work of art, Dr. Oxley, your New Bern cosmetic dentist, has the tools to create a perfect smile. Dr. Oxley prizes the best tools and technology because he knows the difference it makes in your smile.

Dr. Oxley is your artistic smile design dentist.

If you don’t love your smile, there is no better time to get a smile makeover. To get started, request an appointment to conduct an aesthetic consultation. We’ll discuss your goals and work together to design a smile you love. And before you know it, you’ll have a work of art you’ll want the whole world to see.