7 Excellent Things to Do in and Around New Bern, NC, Before Summer Ends, Part 1

Summer in New Bern, NC

The best summer activities in and around New Bern, NC.

Summer is always exciting here in New Bern, Trent Woods, and the surrounding areas. You can make the most of the season by planning fun activities for you and your family. There are plenty of summertime opportunities you can take advantage of here in our community.

1. Visit our very own national forest.

Covering nearly 160,000 acres to the south of New Bern, Croatan National Forest provides countless opportunities for summertime fun. Nature lovers will find trails for cycling, hiking, and horseback riding, along with sites for picnicking and camping.

Many of the lakes spread throughout the forest have easy public access, with boat launches and great fishing. You’ll also find a wide range of wildlife, such as deer, turkeys, bears, and even alligators. Croatan National Forest is also home to some unique plant life, including Venus fly traps and pitcher plants.

2. Try your hand at pottery.

You can create interesting artwork and have fun with pottery lessons and classes at Bear Hands Art Factory. You can learn the art of authentic clay throwing using a potter’s wheel to create all kinds of projects.

Everything you need is provided on-site—even aprons, so you don’t have to worry about any messes. This can be a unique and educational opportunity for your family or a fun afternoon with friends, and taking home what you create provides lasting memories.

3. Cycle along the East Coast Greenway.

The East Coast Greenway is an ambitious project that connects 15 states with safe walking and biking routes from Maine to Florida. It’s a favorite among cyclists of all ages—and you can go however far you’d like.

A 365-mile complementary route along the coast, starting in Wilmington, passes right through New Bern. Much of our local section runs directly along the water, providing a refreshing ride with plenty of beautiful sights to see.

4. Make a splash at the New Bern Aquatic Center.

Cooling off is always a great idea during summertime in New Bern and Trent Woods. You can do just that at the family-friendly New Bern Aquatic Center. The aquatic center provides options for swimmers of all ages with swim lanes, zero-entry pool depths, and a variety of fun features for kids.

You’ll find locker rooms and concessions on-site, along with a spacious rest area. You can even book private pool parties, which could be the perfect fit for a summertime birthday.

5. Visit the birthplace of Pepsi.

Did you know that Pepsi traces its roots back to New Bern? Caleb Davis Bradham, the inventor of Pepsi, was born in North Carolina and eventually settled to open a pharmacy in downtown New Bern. It was at that store that he invented Brad’s Drink, which we now know as Pepsi.

Today, the site of that store is called The Pepsi Store and makes for a great stop during your summertime fun. You can learn more about the history of Pepsi, pick up souvenirs and apparel, and of course, enjoy a nice cold drink.

6. Learn about the state’s history at the original capitol.

While today the North Carolina State Capitol building sits in Raleigh, you can visit the original right here in New Bern. Tryon Palace was commissioned by Governor Tryon and completed in 1770. After the revolutionary war and the independence of the United States of America, it was appointed the state capitol and housed state governors.

You can visit Tryon Palace today to learn about our state and national history. The site is also home to 16 acres of stunning gardens, which provide a great opportunity to take in Colonial and Victorian-era arrangements.

7. Commit to planning some summer fun.

One of the most important tips in planning summer fun is to take some real initiative. You might remember summers gone by when you were excited about activities with friends and family but never followed through. Making a firm commitment to your plans can help you overcome that challenge.

One fun way to do that is through a summer bucket list. Have everyone in your family or group of friends write down an idea and put them in a small bucket. Then you can draw out a new idea whenever you need one.

Keep up with your oral health this summer.

When your life gets swept up in summer fun, keep in mind that you still need to take care of your oral health. Staying current with dental appointments is one important task that you shouldn’t forget about. Oxley Comprehensive Dentistry is your Trent Woods and New Bern family dentist—book your next appointment today.