Dental sealants can help save teeth

Dental Sealants Take Cavity Protection to the Next Level

Protect your molars from decay. Untreated tooth decay is the leading cause of enamel damage and the second-most-common reason for tooth loss in adults. Although the fight against cavities can be tough, studies show that the vast majority of tooth decay is entirely preventable when dentists take 3 specific measures. To prevent tooth decay, a…
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Benefits of e.max crowns

What Makes e.max Crowns So Strong and Sustainable?

Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in your body—stronger than your bones and even harder than iron or steel. This makes finding materials suitable for dental crowns difficult. But today, e.max crowns provide an effective solution. What’s the best dental crown material? Choosing the right tooth crown material is vital to ensure a lasting restoration…
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