There are so many ways to enjoy spring with the family

Spring Family Fun for 2022 in New Bern, NC

Spring has sprung, and families all across New Bern, North Carolina, will be looking for spring family fun activities. After all, even though the climate and average weather in New Bern are pretty comfortable in the 40s to 70s, the winter season can get chilly, and even the toughest New Bernians take to the indoors…
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Tips for better oral health

Dr. Oxley’s Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Mouth

Achieve optimal oral health in your family. Are you dreaming of cavity-free teeth and shiny, white smiles for everyone in your family? Making the move to prioritize oral health as a family goal is a great way of not only preventing oral health issues like tooth decay, but also improving everyone’s overall health as well.  …
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