Professional tooth whitening

From Dull to Dazzling: Unveiling the Secrets of Professional Tooth Whitening

In today’s world, a bright, radiant smile is more than just a confidence booster; it’s a symbol of well-being and success. The global teeth whitening market is on a dazzling trajectory, projected to reach a staggering USD 10.6 billion by 2030, with a steady 5% annual growth rate, according to Skyquest’s latest research report.  What’s…
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Holiday treats that are good for your teeth.

Indulge Responsibly: Tooth-Friendly Treats for a Festive Holiday Season

The holiday season brings joy, laughter, and an abundance of delectable treats. Yet, it’s also a time when sugary indulgences can threaten your oral health. As the Calorie Control Council reveals, holiday feasts and sugary delights can pack on calories and expose your teeth to tooth decay.  Let’s explore how to savor the season while…
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Gratitude can be linked to a healthy smile.

The Power of Gratitude: 5 Ways Appreciating Your Healthy Smile Impacts Oral Health

Gratitude, the feeling of being thankful for what we have, can work wonders in unexpected places, even in our mouths. Taking care of our oral health is not just about brushing and flossing; it’s about appreciating our healthy smiles and understanding the connection between gratitude, smile design, and preventive measures, like the Airflow Prophylaxis Master. …
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Get a dream smile with dental veneers.

Unlocking Your Dream Smile: Exploring the Versatility of Dental Veneers

According to a New York Post article, seven out of ten people feel self-conscious about their teeth. Sadly, many of these critiques come from those we know best, with one in four receiving negative comments from loved ones or coworkers.  Such criticism can take a toll on one’s self-esteem and confidence. In this article, we’ll…
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Dental crowns can transform your smile.

Customizing Your Smile: e.max and Zirconia Crowns for Smile Makeovers

A confident smile can light up a room, and with the wonders of modern dentistry, achieving that perfect smile is more attainable than ever. At Oxley Comprehensive Dental, we specialize in smile makeovers using advanced techniques like e.max and zirconia dental crowns. In this article, we’ll explore how these innovative crown materials can transform your…
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Restore your confidence with dental implants.

Restoring Confidence: How Dental Implants Can Improve Mental Health

In a world where smiles matter, losing teeth can have quite a derogatory effect. Surprisingly, around 2.2% of adults aged 20 to 64 have lost all their teeth. The emotional toll is significant—when a tooth is lost, emotions like denial, anger, and anxiety can emerge. No matter your background or status, missing teeth affect mental…
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smile design with 3shape Unite.

Enhancing Your Smile: The Art of Smile Design with 3Shape Unite

Smile design has always been an important element of aesthetic dentistry. It isn’t just about getting the “right” results but about crafting a smile that suits you as an individual. Today, advanced digital dentistry technology, such as 3Shape Unite makes it possible to deliver even better results through a faster and more versatile smile design…
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Oral health starts at home.

Caring for Your Oral Health at Home: Essential Tips for Busy Adults

Taking care of your oral health at home is essential. However, it’s also a part of people’s daily routines that’s likely to fall behind when other concerns start to pile up. This can lead to serious oral health issues, like gum disease and tooth decay, so you should follow these tips to prioritize oral hygiene…
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Reasons to choose zirconia crowns

Zirconia Crowns: A Solid Choice for Strong and Reliable Restorations

Are you in need of a dental crown to restore a worn-down, cracked, or chipped tooth? Look no further than the durable and reliable option of zirconia crowns. These crowns are crafted from a high-quality material known for its exceptional strength and natural appearance. Also, 98% of zirconia crowns last for five years or more,…
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Restored confidence with dental implants.

Smile with Confidence: 5 Ways Dental Implants Restore Your Natural Smile

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 17% of adults aged 65 or older have lost all of their teeth. And per information on the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial website, adults between the ages of 20 to 64 years have an average of 25.5 remaining teeth. If you’re supposed to…
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